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Dedicated to the joy of cooking for others
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We started our business in 2001 on the principle that the right mix of passion and fresh ingredients is the key to great tasting food. Our venture began by selling green tomatillo salsa and the best homemade tamales at the local Farmer’s Market. Demand for our food was so great that we considered opening a restaurant, and one year later, we opened Patty’s Mexican Kitchen & Catering. Although we had never worked in the restaurant business before, we dedicated ourselves to the joy of cooking for others full-time.

Over the years, we’ve built our reputation around our commitment to quality ingredients and customer service. We have always been a community oriented, socially responsible company and are especially proud of our years of service and partnership with community service organizations. Because of this service, student groups as well as local companies and organizations routinely choose Patty’s Mexican Kitchen to treat their colleagues for special occasions.

You will often see us behind the counter greeting customers, taking orders or preparing food. We make an effort to remember your name and menu preferences. When you come for a meal at Patty’s Mexican Kitchen, we serve you food inspired by family recipes. Patty’s cooking style is unique to our restaurant and all of her sauces, marinades, and dishes are made with passion and love in our kitchen. We serve you the kind of food we would offer our guests in our own home. And we will custom tailor your dish to your dietary preferences.

We are here to serve you food that you want to eat. We have never claimed to be an “authentic” Mexican restaurant. At Patty’s, our menu reflects the tastes of our loyal customers, and our family. Our beautiful outdoor patio is a great place to enjoy a meal with friends. We also have a new dinner menu perfect for an evening sunset under the stars.



On behalf of Patty’s Mexican Kitchen and our staff, 
we welcome you to our restaurant.

Buen Provecho! — Enjoy your meal!

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